“Do you have Genesis, Exodus and some other Old Testament books in Kannada Braille?”, enquired Thimae Gowda on the phone.

Thimae Gowda, who hails from Tumkur, is one of the many visually challenged people who receive Braille Bibles from the Bible Society of India. “

Yes, we do have Genesis and a few other Old Testament books in Kannada Braille”, we replied. Thimae Gowda was immediately overwhelmed with joy.

He  came to our office the very next week and received a set of five Braille books in Kannada.

The Braille Bibles are also posted to those who are unable to come to the office. Santhalingam, a resident of Chennai recently received I & II Samuel and I & II Kings in Tamil Braille from the BSI office by post. “ I am thankful to BSI for helping me with the Braille Bible”, says Santhalingam.

Many visually challenged people are benefitted by the distribution of Braille Bibles in many Indian languages. The Braille Bibles are expensive and many are unable to afford them.

The gift of the Braille Bible would enable many like Thimae Gowda to receive Hope and Comfort through God’s Word.