A Braille BibIe for myself and the other blind believers in my Church

Meet Pradeep, a remarkable individual who faces the world without sight, hearing, or speech. Despite these challenges, his love for God’s Word burns brightly, and his desire to read and experience it is unwavering. Thankfully, we have a Braille Bible ready for Pradeep. 

When Pradeep visited the Bible Society of India (BSI) in search of a Braille Bible, communication took a unique form. We had to use the palm of our hands as our canvas, writing messages to each other to bridge the gap.

We provided Pradeep with the Psalms and the Gospel of Luke in Braille. However, he wasn’t content with just a taste; he hungered for more of God’s Word. Pradeep inquired eagerly, ‘Where is Romans? Do you have Psalms and the other Gospels? Do you have all the 66 books?’ In response, we made a promise to Pradeep: we would provide him with the complete Bible in Braille.

With gratitude in his heart, Pradeep received the first five books of the Braille Bible and kindly asked us to send all the books to his Pastor as soon as possible.

Pradeep is indeed one of God’s special children. He belongs to a church in Bangalore where there are others like him who long for the touch of the Braille Bible. He conveyed his earnest desire on our palm, ‘I want the Braille Bible for the blind believers in my church.’ Pradeep’s fervor to share the joy of God’s Word with fellow believers in his community is truly inspiring. 

Pradeep’s story is just one among many. There are countless individuals like Pradeep who are willing, wanting, and waiting for access to God’s Word through the Braille Bible.

Your support can help us continue to serve people like Pradeep and bring the transformative power of God’s Word to those who, like him, rely on the Braille Bible for hope, inspiration, and spiritual nourishment. Join us in making a profound difference today.

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